The Catz @ The Blind Tiger, New Years Eve - 12/31/08

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December 31st, 2008
The Blind Tiger
Topeka, KS

photos by Sharidy Blackwood, Patti Blackwood, & Professor Bugger
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It was the best party in town! The Catz were rockin!
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Ric Barron Danl Blackwood & Darren Downs
dsc03528.jpg dsc03530.jpg dsc03532.jpg dsc03537.jpg
Darren Downs
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(l. to r.) Betsy Tipping, Megan Wiechman, Sharidy Blackwood, Lynda Gray, & Jonna Williamson Chris & Cheri Livgren Betsy was having TOO much fun My wife was having a blast too...
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Marta Barron and my sister Patti Blackwood My wife, Sharidy, me and Patti Ric Barron and Patti
dscf0005.jpg dscf0018.jpg dscf0019.jpg pc310173.jpg
Marta entertain' the crowd
pc310179.jpg pc310188.jpg pc310189.jpg pc310192.jpg
We surprised this couple by knowing "Route 66" so they danced as promised. And then stayed ALL NIGHT, right up front.
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pc310207.jpg pc310209.jpg pc310222.jpg pc310223.jpg
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Chris and Cheri with Sharidy Chris surpised Marta with a big New Years smooch! ...and then I laid one on my wife. Our first New Years as Mr and Mrs Blackwood
dsc03582.jpg dsc03587.jpg
...and then we pretty much just partied like it was 2009!

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